Catholic Fairytales was born out of the ambition to reclaim the history and opulence of the Catholic Church for queer people, creating a world where members of the LGBTQIA+ community would feel emboldened to celebrate their identity. 

Keeping in line with the designer’s sustainable practice, all pieces were created locally in London with reclaimed materials. Working closely with fabric producers Taroni Silk and Manteco for wool, Patrick drew new life from dead stock and vintage qualities, while creating hand knit and crochet pieces using ethically sourced and dyed yarn from Wool and the Gang. This collection was available as made to order only, cutting over production to zero and promoting a more considered fashion industry. 

In the spirit of supporting the queer community, Patrick partnered with various institutions supporting LGBTQIA+ people in 2021. The collection includes a large red silk HIV awareness ribbon, created in support of National AIDS Trust.