On 23rd May 2022, Patrick McDowell opened Planet Studio; a Studio 54 inspired houseplant studio at RHS Chelsea. Planet Studio was the creation of Malvern Garden Buildings, stylist and plant curator James Whiting and Patrick McDowell; together creating and elevating the traditional idea of fashion and green spaces into something new and luxurious. 

The retro garden bar and entertainment venue featured 70s houseplants, bespoke ceramics, textiles, and lighting – all designed to convey the eccentricities synonymous with the original club venue. The retro club vibe transported visitors right back to the heyday of the 70s disco era at Studio 54. Staying in line with a sustainable practice, which sits at the heart of the collaboration, the clothing was made from reclaimed materials along with seating and soft furnishings made using over 30 pairs of reclaimed denim jeans.

The goal for Planet Studio was to inspire people to think differently about how a garden building can be used to create entertainment spaces that bring a piece of city nightlife into a garden.