Launched in May 2021, Patrick McDowell collaborated with renowned sustainable designer Katherine Hamnett to create a capsule collection titled HELP, in retaliation to the changes incurred through Brexit and the negative effect it has had on the British fashion industry.

Channelling both McDowell and Hamnett’s design philosophy of bold activism and sustainability, the pair collaborated to reimagine Hamnett’s signature Ted Jacket and
Slogan T-shirts. 

The Ted Jacket featured a new cropped silhouette that Patrick worked to reimagine in London, keeping in line with the designer’s core of local production and sustainability. The collection’s signature ‘Help’ was printed using water-based inks from screen printers Mesh and Blade, and all T-shirts from the collection were made using GOTS certified cotton, staying true to the pair's vision of a fairer fashion industry for all.

Brexit is having a huge impact on sustainable British designers and the industry as a whole. Experiencing new import charges, delays on deliveries and extra paperwork, together Hamnett and McDowell are fighting back. ‘The only way we are going to get out of this shit is together. HELP. Work together!’.