Through our reimagine service, you may bring several garments you no longer wear to us for a bespoke, customised and sustainable redesign.

By working with you, our atelier will create a one of a kind garment, encompassing the meaning and sentimentality of all that you brought to us, forming a piece that will last a lifetime and transcend generations.

The sole aim of this service at Patrick McDowell is to create beautiful pieces that fit you properly, allowing you to form a deep, emotional connection to your garments. With longevity in mind, we will be here for as long as your garments are to help you take care of them. We can even reimagine your Mcdowell pieces for your next adventure or the next generation.


Step 1 - Client meeting to discuss the garments you have brought to us and the garments you would like to be reimagined. 

Step 2 - Measurements taken

Step 3 - Fittings

Step 4 - Receive your Reimagined pieces